Latvia in crosscut

Overview of Liepaja


Practical guide to travel to Liepāja

People have different purposes for travelling. Some travel to acquire new knowledge, others - to start a business, but most - to enjoy a vocation. Latvia is one of the European Union's (EU) member states and, if you are an EU citizen and want to relax, you can go to Liepaja with only your passport or ID card. Citizens from other countries outside the EU may have a slightly more complicated entry, but in order to make it easier, we have put together all the necessary steps for you to enjoy some time here.


You are welcome to dive into the atmosphere of Liepāja by enjoying its interactive full screen 360° panoramas!


Discover Liepaja with the eyes of Liepaja University International students - whatch the video made by students!


See you in Liepaja!


Photo: Andris Barbans