Leisure Activities

Women's choir "Atbalss"

Photo: Ruslans Šuļga


Liepaja University’s women's choir "Atbalss" in 2009 was celibrating its 50th birthday. LiepU student choir is always new, because the compositions are constantly changing. Choral number of participants from 80 to 100 singers in the past. The choir gives concerts quite frequently in Liepaja University, in churches and concert halls throughout Latvia.


The Folk dance collective “Banga”

Photo: Kristine Finka




The Folk dance collective “Banga” was established on the 18th March, 2009 (as an association (non-profit organization) on the 25th March, 2011).

Our home town is Liepaja – the town of music, the town where the wind is born, the town by sea. This is the reason why the title of collective arose naturally, it characterises the environment in which we work, live and enjoy.

The founder and head of the collective Kristine Finka puts all her never-ending energy, enthusiasm and love into the development of the collective.

Our essential value is the aim to develop strong, ambitious, united and continuously developing folk dance collective in Liepaja. During those five years we have already done great things. And it is just a beginning…

In our five existence years we are already achieved big goals. We had took part in international projects (project UBUS in Lithuania, youth project in Turkey and Moldova), we had made friendship trip to Sweden. Our biggest achievement till now is participation in Baltic States Students Songs and Dances Festival “Gaudeamus” in Vilnius, 2011, with this we gained chance to participate in Latvian Songs and Dances festival 2013, what is big pleasure for every dancer.

As our members say about themselves: “We are young, ambitious and directed to continuous development”.

We also are interested to meet new people and to get to know new cultures. To make exchange between cultures for getting to understand and learn each other better. We are different, but all in one!




Non-traditional dance studio "Arabesque”


Non-traditional dance studio "Arabesque” offers classes at oriental dance, Spanish Flamenco dance and remedial gymnastics. They organize concerts, workshops, lectures. Studies mission is to introduce the participants to the body of foreign culture and art, with dances and various recovery systems, to expand the horizons of participants.



Latvian Student Christian Fraternity (LSCF) students

Text and photo from http://www.lksb.lv/?cat=191&lang=lv&fulltext_id=329


Latvian Student Christian Fraternity (LSCF) students - future teachers, journalists, medical doctors, pastors, CEOs, leaders, workers and others. Students are young people who make important choices during their study years, choices that affect and will affect their lives, their families, the future of our country. Each student, who wants to:
        • learn more about Christian faith or grow in it,
        • spent his/her time purposefully and have fun,
        • meet new people and make friends,
        • or just to check out what's happening here,
is welcome to join any of LKSB activities, planned and organized mostly by Christian students representing different Christian denominations. LKSB organizes student camps and conferences, Bible study and other kinds of small groups in universities and dorms, and also bigger local events, like lectures, seminars or concerts. LKSB student groups often cooperate with local churches and also take part in different youth projects and activities in their cities.

LSCF is a non-profit youth organization, registered in Latvia in 1993. Organization is lead by its National Board, and organized by 5-7 staff workers and many volunteers. At the moment, there are seven cities where LKSB is represented: Riga, Jelgava, Liepaja, Ventspils, Daugavpils, Rezekne and Valmiera.

More information: www.lksb.lv or via e-mail lksb.liepaja@gmail.com


Studio of music provides an opportunity for everyone, with or without musical training to learn musical skills and express themselves, performing different styles of music. Studio (for a fee) offers different kinds of ensembles to play music, to acquire Keyboard (piano, synthesizer) and guitar playing (classical, electric, bass), as well as solo and ensemble singing.


University offers to take part in these sport activities – fitness, floorball, football, gymnastic, basketball, frisbee, volleyball.