Information on the Institution

Name and Address


Liepaja University 

Liela iela 14, Liepaja, 

LV - 3401, Latvia 


Academic Calendar

The academic year begins in September and is over towards the end of June. As a general rule, it comprises 40 weeks of lectures, seminars and practical work and is mainly divided into 2 semesters. Examination sessions take place at the end of each semester (first session starts in January and second – in June). Students are examined separately in each subject and the total number of examinations in a semester is usually between four and six, but it depends on a study programme. Students who fail in an examination, can generally try to pass it again during the session or afterwards. 


Academic Authorities


Professor, Dr.Philol. Dace Markus

Tel.: +371 634 24223

Fax: +371 634 23568



Vice Rector of Study process




Vice Rector of Research

Dr.philol. IEVA OZOLA



Dean of Faculty of Management and Social Sciences INESE LŪSĒNA – EZERA



Dean of Faculty of Science and Engineering ANITA JANSONE



Dean of Faculty of Humanitarian sciences and Arts




Vice-dean Inta Klāsone, Dr.paed.



Dean of Faculty of Pedagogy and Social Work




Vice-dean Linda Pavītola, Dr.paed.,



Vice-dean Svetlana Lanka,



General Description of the Institution

Liepaja University is an accredited state higher educational establishment, which implements study programmes at all three study levels: basic studies, Master and Doctorate studies.

Liepaja University is one of the oldest higher education institutions in Kurzeme region with large experience and academic traditions, where it is possible to study more than 30 study programs and to acquire humanitarian sciences and art, natural sciences, mathematics and information technologies, business management, pedagogical education and educational sciences, social sciences and social welfare. 

Liepaja University is new in respect to changes and development. The strategic aim of the university activities is scientific research and creative activities as the main precondition of sustainable development of Liepaja University. The university is open to international collaboration, which promotes studies based on science and research, development of knowledge society and introduction of research results into national economy. It is anticipated to develop research fields and themes according to the state research priorities and needs of social partners. The university continues improving the activities relating to introduction of innovations and popularisation of scientific cognitions by promoting youth interest in science and understanding scientific activities and creativeness as successful career base in any field. 

We understand the global nature of education, but also take into account regional and national interests. This promotes quality of education and efforts directed to international cooperation and student exchange.

Mission: Liepaja University is a symbol of education, science and culture of Liepaja and Kurzeme region that provides with competitive, internationally recognized varied education. The LiepU Develops innovative research, ensures sustainability of society development, economic knowledge development in Latvia as a lawful partner in European Union.

Accreditation certificate

Registration certificate

Registration certificate of scientific institution

Erasmus University Charter


List of Programmes Offered

To see offered international study programmes in Liepaja University click HERE

To see all offered study programmes in Liepaja University click HERE

To see more information about Erasmus exchange programme click HERE


General Admission Requirements

Undergraduate Admission (1ST Cycle, Bachelor’s Degree)

The general admission requirement for entry to an undergraduate programme of study is a High School Leaving Certificate or equivalent qualification. 

Credits Earned at other Universities

Liepaja University welcomes transfer students from other accredited colleges and universities and accepts courses which are of the same quality and equivalency as courses offered on its campus.

Regardless of the credits transferred, students normally have to complete a minimum of 120 ECTS for the Bachelor degree.

Post-Graduate Admission (2nd Cycle, Maters Degree)

The minimum requirement for admission into a post-graduate degree programme is a Bachelor’s Degree. Special admission requirements apply to different departments.

More detailed information regarding admissions to 1st Cycle and 2nd Cycle can be found in this web-site under the “Full degree studies in English” main menu or clicking HERE  


General Arrangements for the Recognition of Prior Learning (formal, informal and non-formal)


Credit Evaluation

Credit evaluation is carried out at departmental level, in cooperation with the study programme’s director. Credits confirmed are validated by the study programme’s director and the Faculty dean.


Formal Prior Learning

Transfer credit is credit earned at other accredited programmes/colleges/universities, which are transferable to the University. All courses are evaluated individually, based on the University standard and the student’s grades.

The general philosophy governing transfer credits is that a student’s knowledge, no matter how it was gained, can be considered as long as it is relevant and can be documented. Thus, credits may be transferred to the student’s record from a variety of sources. Where the credits duplicate, credits will transfer from only one source.

Following transfer credits can be recognized in Liepaja University study programmes: 

  • obtained studying in other study programme (if credits are passed)
  • obtained studying in distance learning programme (if credits are passed)
  • obtained studying as a listener (if credits are passed)
  • obtained studying as a guest student  (if credits are passed)

Transfer credits can be recognized only after student submit an application adressed to the faculty dean.


Credit by Exchange (Erasmus)

The University awards credits to students who study abroad or do practice for one semester or one year under the LLP/ERASMUS programme. The study period or practice is an integral part of the student’s programme of study and full academic recognition is given as decided in the Learning Agreement. 


General Registration Procedures


Application procedure

The University admissions policy relies on the student’s past records, including high school grades. 

Liepaja University representatives will not process any Application for Admission unless all the requirements found below, as listed, are submitted.

  1. Application form
  2. 1 photo 3x4 cm 
  3. Copy of passport
  4. Curriculum Vitae
  5. Motivation letter
  6. Official certificate of English language knowledge (IELTS 6)
  7. Secondary (High) School graduation Certificate and Transcript
  8. Bachelor degree (official transcripts required), Education documents must be accompanied by English translations of all certificates and transcripts along with approval of documents
  9. Order certifying payment of registration fee 100 EUR

Click HERE to find more information about Application procedure for studies EU candidate and NON EU candidate.


General Registration Procedure

Registration is a standard procedure every semester. During registration, a student is finalized in view of the grades obtained and financial obligations are settled.

All students must be properly registered at the designated registration period. Late registration is permitted under exceptional conditions.

Students may not be able to register if they have been expelled, dismissed or suspended from the University. Students can not registrate for studies if they owe money to the University or books to the library or for any other reason. Such students will have to go to the faculty and solve problems individually.


ECTS Credit Allocation Based on the Student Workload Needed in Order to Achieve Expected Learning Outcomes


There are defined expected lerning outcomes in every study course description form. To define these outcomes feedback and input was solicited from students, employers and alumni. At the end of each course, students are asked to evaluate the implementation of the course and the teacher work. 

The feedback was collected through questionnaires and focus-group interviews. Once a year, students are involved in survey about their satisfaction with their studies and learning environment organized by the head of the Quality Management System. Students’ evaluation and recommendations are used for improvement of the study process and the quality of teachers' work. 

One creditpoint in Latvia is defined as the amount of the workload of one week full time studies. The scheduled amount of the full-time studies for one academic year, is 40 credits. Recalculating in European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) points, the amount of Latvian creditpoints has to be multiplied by 1.5.

Each Bachelor Degree programme (1st Cycle) comprises of 240 ECTS (30 ECTS per semester, 60 ECTS per year). 

Each Master Degree programme (2nd Cycle) comprises of either 90 ECTS or 120 ECTS (30 ECTS per semester, 60 ECTS per year).

There is detailed descibed usage of 40 credits in every study course description form: 

  • total number of academic hours
  • number of lectures
  • number of seminars or practical classes
  • number of laboratory works

After completion of the accredited study programme Liepaja University issues its students nationally recognised diplomas. There are also programme details, grades/marks/credit points end ECTS credits included in every diploma supplement of Liepaja University.

This diploma supplement follows the model developed by the European Commission, Council of Europe, UNESCO/CEPES. The purpose of the supplement is to provide objective data and academic and professional recognition of qualifications (diplomas, certificates etc.).

To see more information click HERE  and to see Diploma supplement model click HERE


Arrangements for Academic Guidance

  1.  When entering the university students receive a brochure which contains of some practical information about Liepaja and Liepaja University.
  2.  New students attend orientation sessions which are held every semester designed to help explore all that awaits them at university. They meet with the deans, academic advisors and programme directors and are introduced to the university regulations, rules, facilities and library.
  3.  Students meet with the advisor from Faculty every semester. The advisors provide students with information relating to their individual programmes. They help students with their course planning, faculty policies and procedures, transfer credits, academic withdrawals, appeals, registration requirements, programme requirements, programme checks.
  4.  Consultations lists are available during the studies. Consultations are being endorsed by the Vice-dean of the faculty. Consultation contact information is publicly available in Liepaja University English web page and indicated in Faculty consultation schedule. 
  5.  Learning materials for students are available in Moodle system. Guidelines for accessing the system have been worked out both for students and academic staff. 
  6.  The Foreign Affairs department introduces students to the exchange programmes which are provided for the current academic year (informational meetings – 2 times per year; personal meetings are possible).
  7.  Students are represented at the regular meetings of the Senate.
  8.  Students have access to the Liepaja University database.
  9.  Study department and deans’ offices are available to students for all kind of information conserning study process (course planning issues, procedures, registrations).
  10.  Career consultant offers for students individual ceree consultations. Work placements abroad are coordinated by Foreign Affairs department.
  11. There is the Suggestion-problem notice application form available for Liepaja University students. You can see it and download HERE. Filled application form has to be subbmitted to Liepaja University Head of the Quality System Daiga Ercuma, room 219

ECTS Institutional Co-ordinator


Head of Study department

Address: Liela iela 14, Liepaja, LV - 3401, Latvia

Phone: + 371 63426249

Fax.: + 371 20243477