General Information for Students

Cost of Living

The Average cost of living in Liepaja ranges from €345-€400 per month:

Food – 130 EUR

Materials for studies – 15 EUR

Student hostel  – 35-90 EUR

Phone costs, newspapers – 15 EUR

Clothes, hobbies, amusements – 150 EUR



Liepaja University offers to international students live in the Student Hostel. Due to high demand, students should give the Foreign Affairs Department ample notice of their intension to live in student dormitories. International students are usually housed in shared rooms (2-3 persons) with a common kitchen, shower und toilets. Linen, blankets, pillows, and kitchen utensils are provided. 

Rent is EUR 36 per month for a room (if in the room live 2 and more persons), EUR 50 (2 persons) and EUR 90 (1 person). 

Liepaja University Student Hostels’ rooms are furnished, a fridge is in each room, Free Wifi and a laundry.                

If student do not wish to stay at a dormitory, private housing arrangements should be made before arriving in Latvia. Rent can verify from EUR 145 – 290 per month.



There is one canteen in main university building, it provides hot and cold snacks and drinks, as well as a variety of hot foods, and it is open from monday till friday from 9:00am till 16:00pm.

Liepaja’s dining scene offers a little bit of something for everyone. Although casual, inexpensive bistros can be found at nearly any street corner, an ever-increasing number of cosy, interesting restaurants have sprouted up all over town. Eat a pork chop and potatoes for around 4 Euros at a local cafeteria, try the reindeer carpaccio with a glass of cabernet sauvignon in an upmarket restaurant or order fish and chips at a neighbourhood pub.

 It is important to know that in Latvia the whole concept and meaning of words Cafeteria (Kafejnīca), Canteen (Ēdnīca) and Restaurant (Restorāns) are different than they would be understood in other countries. A Cafeteria or Kafejnica is not just a coffee shop. Usually you can have all meals that you would probably expect in a restaurant. The difference is that in Kafejnica sometimes you bring your food to your table yourself. However, some Kafejnicas have waiters, but these are then something in between Kafejnica and Restorans. Restorans is usually more or less top class place. Ednica is a canteen of schools, universities, factories etc. They are very cheap, but sometimes have limited access.


Medical Facilities

Liepaja University do not hold a Health Office at the university, but there are medicine chests with first-necessaire medecins and medical supplies in every university building.

However, Liepaja has a modern central hospital, which is becoming a Regional Health Care Centre, providing services not only to people from Liepaja, but also inhabitants of the whole Western Kurzeme region.

Regional Health Care Centre 

Slimnīcas iela 25 

phone +371 6 34 03200, 9 000101


Liepaja Dentist Polyclinic  

K.Zāles laukums 2 

phone +371 6 34 27480


Vecliepaja Primary Health Care Centre

Republikas iela 5 

phone +371 6 34 22451, +371 6 34 26466, +371 6 34 29156


Jaunliepaja Primary Health Care Centre

Aldaru iela 20/24

+371 6 34 25429


In a case of emergency related to serious health problems, call 113 


Facilities for Special Needs Students

Liepaja University now is realizing a waste reconstruction project as a result of these reconstructions, Liepaja University will be equipped for students/staff/faculty with special needs. Two buildings from five are/will be accessible for the use of students with physical disabilities. There are/will be lifts available and ramps for wheelchairs at the main entrances. 



International students that apply for a student visa will be required to make a Health Insurance. Local and European students may apply for a European Health Card at the Ministry of Health, for health coverage at government hospitals throughout the European Union. Incoming students coming on Exchange programmes, are often provided with a health insurance from their home /sending university, or possess one before arrival.


Financial Support  for Students

International students can apply for 2 types of scholarships:

1) Latvian Scholarships for studies in Latvian Higher Education Institution: in accordance with bilateral agreements on co-operation in education and science, the State Education Development Agency (Valsts izglītības attīstības aģentūra – VIAA) offers scholarships to students of several countries for studies in Latvian higher education institutions (HEIs). The amount of the Latvian scholarship is ~500EUR per month.

2) European Social Fund scholarships for Liepaja University Master degree students of “New media art” and “Information technology” study programmes. Only student who had successfully passed the prescribed period can apply for scholarship. The amount of scholarship: 430 EUR per month.


Student Affairs Office

There are two main offices that take care about Liepaja University student:

Faculty offers a range of services to its students, assisting them to make a smooth and productive transition into university life.

Foreign Affairs Department helps international students to deal with any difficulties they might face during their stay in Liepaja and Latvia.

More information regarding the services offered to the students can be found on the student Liepaja University database.


Learning Facilities

Liepaja University is well equipped with new technologies and constantly developing facilities, to provide convenient learning and research environment to its students. Institutes and laboratories are gradually developing their practice labs with the most recent and progressive technology to become more competetive university in Latvia. 

The following labs and facilities are also available for University students:

  • Library
  • About 45 classrooms
  • 12 computer classrooms
  • 3 assembly halls
  • Photocopy centre
  • 4 scientific institutes
  • Many other labs and centres (Art, Chemistry, Education, Language, Physics, Sociology)
  • IT Centre
  • Several classrooms for practical work (for sewing, leather work, painting and other)


International Programmes

Liepaja University has an Erasmus University Charter (EUC) and actively participates in the Erasmus programme, maintaining an Foreign Affairs department which provides support to:

    a)students, to undertake recognized periods of study/practice at partner institutions in other participating countries

    b) teachers/staff, to organize fully integrated teaching assignments of short duration


Practical Information for Mobile Students

Mobile students, participating in the international programmes of the University, are composed of the Outgoing and the Incoming students. 

Outgoing students may participate in the Erasmus+ Exchange Programme. Such students are provoded with two annual information days about Erasmus, with the programme information, application procedures, partner university lists and any other supporting documents being provided to students. 

Incoming Erasmus+ students, before their application, are provided with the courses available in the upcoming semester, application forms, academic calendar, Incoming Students Newsletter and other travelling and accommodation information. Upon their arrival to Liepaja University, there is an „Erasmus+ Orientation Games” – an event at the beginning of a new semester for the Incoming students. It is a funny way how to introduce them to the University life, to get to know other buildings of the university etc.


Language Courses

At the beginning of every new academic year, the Foreign Affairs Department, with the cooperation with the Faculty of Humanities and Art, organize ERASMUS Intensive Language courses (EILC) – language  and culture classes for all new students. Also students can register for any Foreign Language courses offered by the University every semester. The languages offered at the beginners, intermediate and more advanced level are: Latvian, English, Russian, German, French.



University students may apply for an Erasmus+ Placement through the Foreign Affairs department to complete a period of 3-12 months internship at an enterprise or a partner university in one of the European countries. In the same way, Liepaja University may host students for placements at the University Departments from its partner universities.


Sports and Leisure Facilities

Besides studies, the University offers students opportunities to become involved in a whole range of activities including Student council, women's choir "Atbalss", The Folk dance collective “Banga”, Non-traditional dance studio "Arabesque”, Studio of music and different kind of sport activities – fitness, floorball, football, gymnastic, basketball, frisbee.


Student Council

Liepaja University Student council is a student-focused organization which represents the rights and benefit of Liepaja University students. The Student Council delegates its members to the Liepaja University Senate, Faculty Councils and many other institutions and authorities, as well as Student Union of Latvia and The Liepaja City Council Youth Commission. 

Organization is composed of 15 elected members and many activists. And the work is organized by board chairman, vice-chairman, secretary and heads of 9 departments – Culture, Sport, Public Relations, External Relations, Social, Environmental, Financial, Academic and Technical. 

Main fields of action are culture, academic, social issues and sport. Among other social and academic activities, the Student Council also organizes their traditional events as freshmen’s’ “initiation” and freshmen party for 1st year students, Christmas Ball and Spring Ball, Blood donation days, Charity events, The Big Cleanup etc. Every year students have new ideas and initiatives such as grand event “Dance with lecturer”, LiepU Student Council Year Award ceremony, ECO day. 

Student Council also is responsible for “Buddy system”, within which local students are the first Latvian friend and contact person for incoming international student and help them to fit in university and city of Liepaja. They cooperate with other departments of Liepaja University and participate in organizing such events as Health Day, Informational Days and many others.

Student council is open for new ideas and ways how to enrich life at Liepaja University for students and personnel and welcomes active students to join them and make together the university as better place for everyone. Student council is the place for gaining new experience, knowledge and skills as well as making new friends and having wonderful study time!  


ECTS Institutional Co-ordinator



Head of Study department

Address: Liela iela 14, Liepaja, LV - 3401, Latvia

Phone: + 371 63426249

Fax.: + 371 20243477