General Education Teacher

Professional higher education Master studies programme “General Education Teacher”

Fulltime extramural distance learning, duration - 1 year

PROFESSIONAL MASTER degree in Education


Study programme director:, Dr.paed. Linda Pavītola, e-mail:


Fee per year: 2400 EUR


Admission requirements

·       5th level professional qualification (general secondary education teacher / teacher – speech therapist / educational psychologist / music teacher/ sports teacher/ foreign language teacher/ visual arts teacher/ Latvian language and literature teacher  (including educational programmes for ethnic minorities) / special education teacher / preschool education teacher)

·       Evaluation of the final paper of previous study phase (bachelor, qualification, diploma paper). If there is no final paper, then the grade of final exam.


Foreign people’s enrolment in LiepU study programmes is done according to the Procedure for foreign students’ enrolment in LiepU studies (, which includes also the check-up of foreign languages. Persons from abroad have to prepare and submit (send) a filled in application for the studies on online application portal ( ), also an interview over Skype is envisaged to check the English knowledge.


About the programme:

The form of distance learning both in Latvian and English, provides internationalization of the programme and integration into the united European education space, as well as gives an opportunity to combine the studies with work responsibilities more successfully and plan own time and resources more efficiently. Distance learning also determines certain quality requirements for communication and social skills development, for precise comprehension of the programme’s objectives and choice of study forms, as well as for the precision of advisement self-assessment and evaluation.

The specifics of the professional Master’s study programme is the orientation towards the Master students’ theoretical knowledge and understanding about the development of the interdisciplinary link in the practical classes, independent work and practice.


As a result of the acquired study programme, students have:

1.  Acquired multidisciplinary theoretic knowledge in accordance with the latest achievements in education  and are able to adapt them to different needs of the changing teaching environment by organizing and managing the pedagogical process in general education establishments;

2.  Ability to critically assess, categorize and analyse topical pedagogical issues based on limited amount of information in order to address problems in different contexts in education;

3.  Ability to formulate important research issues, to reason the selected research methods and to perform original research in different educational contexts, as well as to present then in professional and academic circles;

4.  Skills to purposefully and responsibly plan and perform independent activities in pedagogy and to evaluate own professional development through improvement of the professional knowledge base and skills of practical use of theoretical knowledge in general education institutions.


Career possibilities: education institutions, research, studies in PhD level study programmes. 


Aims of the study programme:

1.    To further educate qualified specialists for performing pedagogical activities in general education schools, based on previously acquired higher academic or professional education.

2.    According to the number of chosen specializations and previously acquired higher education, to provide a different curriculum for students with academic bachelor degree and students with bachelor degree or 5th level professional qualification, defining the scope and duration of the programme in conformity with the number of chosen subject specializations which allows the flexibility of assessing compliance with the needs of students and employment market.


Objectives of the study programme:

1.    To provide an opportunity to obtain knowledge of pedagogy and psychology necessary for the Professional Master Degree in Education that would facilitate the process of organisation and management of pedagogical process in conformity with the newest cognitions in pedagogy and psychology in theory and practice of schools in Latvia and abroad. 

2.    To promote individual activity and co-responsibility of purpose-oriented students in the study process, to facilitate personality development of students for working in democratic and humane school environment.

3.    To promote involvement of Master’s students in applied research thus developing their professional and research work skills in pedagogy.


Main modules and study courses are: Modules “Topicalities in Education and Their Research”, “Sustainable Development of Educational Work Management”, “Educational Paradigms in Context of Changes”, Research practice, Master’s Paper and its development.

See the Standart plan of the study programme: PLAN


Language of the programme: Programme is conducted in English.


Language proficiency: Minimum IELTS (6).