Specialist from Italy works with Speech Therapy students

In the second week of September Professor at the University of Turin (Italy) Irene Vernero gives lectures to students of study program "Speech Therapy" at Liepaja University.


The subject of the lectures is related to the development of the communication in the first year of life and the methods of assessment of the language. The visit is organized under the Erasmus+ teaching mobility program and it continues the collaboration already started with Liepaja University and University of Turin.


The Italian Speech Therapy School is one of the oldest in Europe and the opinions of Italian colleagues on the development of language and its disabilities in early childhood are interesting and significant.


During the visit, Professor Irena Vernero also got acquainted with LiepU Speech Therapy Center, Voice and Speech Research Laboratory and visited educational institutions at Liepaja to get acquainted with the practical organization of speech therapy work. 


More photos HERE

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