"Everyone can learn Chinese!"

We are welcoming at Liepaja University Teacher from China - Fanchen Pan - she will work all year in our university.


In the first meeting with Teacher Rector Dace Markus said: "We are happy about this opportunity to host Fanchen Pan in regional city. For this opportunity we are thankful to Confucius Institute at University of Latvia.


Pan Fances has arrived in Latvia in last week-end, she is happy about local people welcoming and being open, she evaluates the advantages of living at "calm town Liepaja". Teacher, as a specialist of Chinese language teaching, confirms that everyone can learn Chinese, the most difficult part is writing and tones of pronunciation, which allows to pronounce one sound in four different intonations which change the meaning of the word.


On 19 September at 13:30 there will be introduction event about Chinese courses, but lectures for those who have applied for courses will start on 25 September. To apply for courses, please call 63429249 or write 

Liepaja University students are not paying for courses.

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