Masaryk University staff visits Liepaja University

From 13-14 November LiepU is hosting two representatives from partner university in Czech Republic - Masaryk University - Jana Kratovchilova and Katerina Vlckova from the Department of Education.


Jana Kratovchilova is head of Department of Education, but Katerina Vlckova is a research fellow at the university. The main tasks of the Faculty of Education at MU are to train and educate teachers for primary and lower secondary schools, and, in some fields, for upper secondary schoolsThe range of degrees offered include specialization and retraining programs, short-term training courses, and lifelong studies, which responds to the needs of pedagogical practice through its supplementary extension. LiepU students are velcome to apply for Erasmus+ studies at Masaryk University in the field of Pedagogy / Teacher training in different specialization.

During the two days visit they were meeting with colleagues from Foreign Affairs department, Lifelong learning center, also they had several meetings with Dean and Professors of Faculty of Pedagogy and Social Work. Guests had a chance to observe some classes led by our Professors and visit Insitute of Pedagogical Sciences.


Their visit is assured under the porgram of Erasmus+ staff mobility.

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